Eagle Spirit Feathers

Thank you to the Seven Worlds, who posted this. I believe the passage about the eagle symbolism relates to my post post on Johfra’s Gemini painting.
I really did not know that the eagle was so closely connected to the theme of duality.
A few days ago I saw a majestic bird of prey over my head. I do not think it was an eagle, I doubt it. Suddenly it swooped down and landed quite near me on the grass. This was quite unusual to see a bird like this in a residential area.

The Seven Worlds

intricate-feather-cutouts-chris-maynard-10Native American Feathers

Native American feathers are an important symbol of the Indian way of life. It is used to represent freedom, power, wisdom, honor, trust, strength, and much more. Feathers were seen in wardrobes, headpieces, adorning their homes, and tattooed on their bodies.

The Native American feather was given as a sign of respect and honor. A Native American who had a personal accomplishment or achieved something great for the tribe was often given feathers by chiefs or elders as a symbol of strength. The Native American with the most feathers in his headdress is usually the chief.

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12 Responses to Eagle Spirit Feathers

  1. Particularly fascinating for someone living in the American southwest, short miles from a reservation. The art community here is very conscious.


  2. It is interesting to see how much better the picture looks on your site! Thanks for the reblog. 🙂


  3. thanks to thesevenminds and Monika for this post. I think it is very lucky when a bird swoops overhead or better yet leaps over to greet you. I know the eagle is linked with Scorpio. And birds are linked with Aquarius. Living on the east coast does not present many opportunities to see eagles, sigh….


  4. Soul Fields says:

    I don´t know how or if this relates to this story, but I was recently drawn to put an image of a Dream Cather as my Facebook cover. I feel it intuitively very heart warming, and love the stories behind.



    • I love the Dream Catcher. I have one in my bedroom.


      • Soul Fields says:

        Okay, of course you have! :))

        Speaking about power animals, already for quite a while I continuously bump into turtles (not on the live, but…). Today I was laughing again at this again, as I needed to write “I love turtles” on a check box, one of those for avoiding spamming (now, what are they called).


      • Power animals deserve a post of their own! In the last weeks I was confronted with a black squirrel, a white cat, a large fox and a giant and colourful dragonfly. I was quite amazed at the frequency of these unusual encounters and each animal seemed to want something from me.


      • Soul Fields says:

        Wow, that sounds abundant and fascinating! Yes, they do deserve a post of their own. If you meant that you are perhaps going to write about them am looking forward to that.

        PS. Sorry about the wirting porblems in my comments…


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