Django Unchained: When Libra Dances with Scorpio


I love films which are gut-wrenching, engaging the third chakra (raw emotions), the ones which you feel deep in your stomach. Django Unchained is definitely this kind of film. Nothing better than seeing the downtrodden (in this case the slaves) regaining their power and being vindicated.

Christopher Waltz as Dr Schulz steals the whole show or rather shares it with Leonardo di Caprio, Mr Candy of Candyland. Schulz is a magnificent Libran. He fights for peace, he is a consummate negotiator, always outspoken and classy. He seeks to restore the balance because he despises the injustice of pre-Civil War America. His strategic skills are further proof of him epitomizing the Libra archetype.

The dinner scene at Candyland plantation is a feat of genius. The whole Libran dialogue, full of niceties and graceful politeness, sits on a palpable Scorpionic swamp or on an active volcano if you will. Guests tread with caution on this landmine site. A handshake (Libra) sparks off a shootout and bloodshed (Scorpio).

Another thing that I found charming in the movie was the reference to the Zigfried and Broomhilda story. Such is a power of myth that it motivates Dr Schulz to help Django find his wife. Some stories are just so compelling that they change the reality by encouraging people to act on them.

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