Enter through the Image and Word


A door to mystery, a photo taken at Jung’s retreat in Bollingen (via http://www.jungiananalystvt.com/1188774.en.html)

I have been discovering a lot of interesting books on archetypes and symbols recently. I think I have enough reading material for the next two years. There was a time when I only read C.G. Jung because he was the only one who stirred my imagination. Reading Jung has always been like diving among undersea wonders. Most other books just display symbols as if they were exhibits in a museum or pinned and spread butterflies, sad and lifeless.  But in Jung’s books symbols are real, tangible and full of life than any solid matter objects that surround us.

“Enter through the Image” is a quote from The Gospel of Philip, an ancient Gnostic text. It is also the title of a book by L. Caruana, which takes the reader on a journey through symbolic imagery of all ages. Laurence Caruana is a visionary artist, deeply influenced by symbols which he saw in his dreams. Symbols from different cultures meet and overlap in his work. Here’s  a quote from his website:

As myths from different cultures have crossed and their symbols combined, the remaining task, for me, has been to read their hidden message. Ultimately, I believe, these compositions attempt to reveal the greater Unity underlying all cultural manifestations of the Sacred.

And here is a sneak peak at this extraordinary book, which is advertised as a journey to the primordial language at the source of all dreaming, art and mythmaking:



It is really worth exploring the artist’s website www.lcaruana.com where he explains the imagery of his work via text and short videos. I really appreciate him taking time to guide us through the dense world of his art. I live by words, being a Gemini with Mercury conjunct my Sun.  I believe there is no better way of learning about symbols than a meditation of an image accompanied by verbal clarification, preferably in a form of a riveting narrative. Word and image hold equal power in unraveling the mystery of symbols.


Laurence Caruana, image via Wikipedia

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2 Responses to Enter through the Image and Word

  1. I am completely enchanted by the archival film footage of the water and Jung’s tower retreat. Got the sense of how he was able to go so deep there . . .


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