Posts in Pairs (1). Out of Many One.


As an ever curious Gemini woman (with Mercury, the messenger of the gods and their intermediary, in conjunction with my Sun) I am always on the lookout for connections, links and associations. I have been paying attention to quite a number of blogs recently and I noticed how similar themes appear in similar time frames on different blogs. I hope such pairs of posts will feature regularly on my blog, that is until I grow tired of the idea, which is always a strong possibility with Geminis. I also hope to give something back to the whole blogging community by offering my views on some posts that I happen to like very much.

We were all touched beyond measure by what happened in Boston recently. The first post expresses a sentiment which is very close to my heart, namely that our Western society has grown more and more exclusivist and dismembered. The lofty ideal of E pluribus unum (Latin for ‘out of many one’) is just an empty jingle. We are in urgent need of the Jungian archetype of wholeness, otherwise we will never be healed. Those who feel excluded from the community are like the splintered aspects of the Self, which will most probably seek expression in disruptive and destructive ways.

The second post shows the same problem but seen from the eternal, mythical perspective. This is my favourite astrological blog thanks to its depth and scope. You do not even have to know or accept astrology to appreciate the fact that there is a meaningful connection between the myth of Isis and Osiris on the one hand and the problem of dismemberment that is the root cause of all the problems of our collective soul, shattered into millions of icy pieces like the mirror in Andersen’s Snow Queen. After the treacherous Set had cut Osiris body to pieces, Isis sought all the pieces out patiently, lovingly and with devotion and put them back together, thus bringing Osiris back to life. The Egyptian mythology has always held a deep fascination with me. I believe it holds the key to the deepest mysteries that were the everyday reality of ancient Egyptians, and which we are rediscovering again only now, on the verge of the new era of human consciousness.

The ultimate conclusion and message of both posts seems to be this: only love and wisdom can lead to healing and wholeness, which is the only antidote for division, fragmentation and exclusion that breed hatred, terrorism and fanaticism in the world today.

I wonder if anyone else can see the connection?

Post 1.

Post 2.

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18 Responses to Posts in Pairs (1). Out of Many One.

  1. interesting idea, i have noticed this phenomenon lately as well,

    synchronicity at work, particularly among bloggers and others who are seeking the light

    Namaste, lindalitebeing


  2. Dismemberment. Interesting… Peaking into the featured blogs. 😉


  3. Don says:

    The dismemberment and exclusivity you speak of is not just in Western societies. We often romanticize non Western societies and believe that somehow they have it together. I live in Africa and I’m amazed at how it is romanticized. It has serious problems of exclusivity and dismemberment. It gets torn apart by tribalism and xenophobia and all sorts of other isms. It’s a universal issue and globalization has accentuated. I believe that what we are seeing in this upheaval are the first signs, even though they are deeply traumatic, of what it means to honestly begin to live together on this planet. We can no longer hide in culture, tribe, nationalisms and all the rest of the stuff that divides us. We’re being forced in to a journey of crossing boundaries and that is traumatic and deeply painful, but also liberating.


    • You are absolutely right. The whole planet faces this problem, now with more urgency than ever before. I changed ‘western’ into ‘collective’ to accommodate your insight. Thank you!


  4. Beautiful post as usual. Lately I have been trying to figure out why individuals – those who listen to Self instead of others – find themselves dismembered from society. ‘Society’ seems to dis-member them for chosing their individuality instead of conforming to be of service to society. Most people have been so indoctrinated to mimic what they see on television, that they no longer seem to have use for their individuality. So, when individuals show up, ‘society’ is eager to ignore or attack to ridicule, to get them to give up their individuality, and conform.
    But, when it comes to bombers, they usually have not chosen individuality, but the sickness of society. These ‘lone rangers’ work together with other people to accomplish the goal of destruction. They are seldom individuals who can stand up for themselves. As horrendous as their actions may be, they fit in society better than real individuals. They do exactly what society is showing them to do on tv.
    Auset is showing us to re-member Ausar, so we can give birth to Heru. But that is difficult for society to re-member, as the messenger from the gods has been replaced by television.


    • You are so right about the contemporary society dis-membering the ones who do not conform. Misfits are often the most worthy people.
      When it comes to the lone terrorists, I am far from exonerating them and putting their actions down to their feeling of exclusion. You do have a point about their minds being poisoned by the groups they identify with. And yet on some level I sympathise with all the foreigners myself being an expat in a country which expects you to conform and above all obey the rules… So you look for other expats to get this feeling of being included. I am not complaining because I feel connected to something larger than me.
      You inspire so many thoughts… An integrated individual would feel one with the universe and with all being. He or she will not look outside for various groups to fit in. So the real revolution will have to start from within, as Krishnamurti said.


  5. “Connected with something larger than me” That is the larger perspective that mythic/symbolic perception offers. I very much appreciate that perspective which so animates your enlightening posts. I find that maintaining this perspective is very healing for the traumas we endure in collective and private life. From the events in Boston to my own higgly-piggly mind.


    • Thank you kindly. This is indeed where I find my sense of belonging. Thank you also for expanding my English vocabulary with ‘higgly-piggly,’ as English is not my mother tongue.


  6. Sure division, separation, dismemberment and fragmentation and alienation as an effect of them is the theme in both your chosen posts. As it is in western thinking for around 100 years. I think more or less since the same time that we invented concepts, or symbols as you wish, as ‘states’ and ‘societies’. In fact I think these are an important part of the problem of division and cant be the means for solutions at the same time. A contradictio in terminis.
    I think ‘wholeness’ is primarly the connection and wholeness inside us and between ourselves with real people directly surrounding us. Especially with our family, friends, neighbours and other near contacts. I’m assured that only if you are connected in this ways you can have sound relationships with larger units as a village, firm, state or even society.
    So, what about the parents and chilhood of the bostonbombers? And their earlier peers and schoolfriends? What about the real contacts in their streets and families? Where did they lose contact and started to separate themselves from their selves and souls?


    • You ask a lot of important questions and I have always felt more comfortable asking questions rather than actually answering them. I agree with you that being connected to real people, to our loved ones, is the most important foundation. If anyone feels disconnected from his or her mother or father, it creates an unbelievable sense of loss, fragmentation and pain. We humans are wired like this.
      Now about those concepts and symbols, for me they are two different things. Concepts, like everything, have their archetypal background but they are mostly human creations and more importantly, mostly created in a conscious way by means of intellect. Symbols, however, are much more mysterious and we cannot really tell who creates them: they are just here, among us, like some miracles of metaphysics. We did not create them consciously. I agree with Jung that archetypes are common for all people of all races but symbols can actually be cultural, but they spring from the archetypal source anyway and can be always explained by referring them to archetypes. I hope I am explaining it well…
      Thanks, as always, for your comment.


  7. I think ‘society’ is a quite mysterious thing and we cant really tell who created it. At least its not created cousciuosly… so maybe a modern symbol… 🙂 but I do understand your distinction of course. Thanks for reactions and post. And a good night.


  8. As an interesting detour, I would invite you to glance periodically at the pictures on your Posts I Like section. Since I added my section, I often notice similar images, shapes, colors, and patterns. (This is in exclusion of posts from the same blogger.) There seems to be a definite symmetry at play, which is an indication of interconnection of like-minded souls.

    Take a look and let me know your impressions 🙂

    in light, Linda


  9. Ondine was a great movie…I loved it. You seemed to be right in line with some of the themes going on in my life at the moment. I pulled up an old natal chart to see whereabouts Neptune is and having a look at it all is exactly where my last few weeks have been working up to. Thanks for following your instincts. You never know when something you say or do will greatly effect another person.


    • So glad you have found something of help here. I hope things will work out for you.
      Agreed about Ondine. I loved it too and I think it was seriously underrated. But then I am very Neptunian by nature, which you can probably see in my blog.
      All my best,


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