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I am always delighted when scientists speak like poets without losing the science. I have come across an excellent article delineating the latest research on water, which reads like an excerpt from a sacred knowledge book. It is a deep well of information.

I was reminded of a great poem by Goethe called Song of the Spirits over the Waters:

The soul of man,
It is like water:
It comes from heaven,
It mounts to heaven,
And earthward again
Eternally changing.

If the pure jet
Streams from the high
Vertical rockface,
A powdering spray,
A wave of cloud
Splashes the smooth rock
And gathered lightly
Like a veil it rolls
Murmuring onward
To depths yonder.

If cliffs loom up
To stem its fall,
It foams petulant
Step by step
To the abyss.

Along a level bed
Through the glen it slips,
In the lake unruffled
All the clustering stars
Turn their gaze.

Wind woos
The wave like a lover,
Wind churns from the ground up
Foaming billows.

Soul of man,
How like the water you are!
Fate of man,
How like the wind.

Translated by Christopher Middleton

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39 Responses to Reflections on Water

  1. A wonderful choice for a quote !!


  2. Beautiful It speaks of the true Alchemical Eixir 🙂 Loved it thanks for sharing.


  3. Katalina4 says:

    Oh lovely. The article looks amazing too!


  4. Lovely post, and poem, I will follow your link… We are indeed like water… we rain down on earth and meander through life over and under all obstacles, seeking to find our level of balance..Each drop working their way back to the source… The Ocean of Oneness…. where we transcend yet again as we transform into vapour the mists of our origins…. to experience some more…. 🙂

    Thank you for your light……..
    Sue xox


  5. Lol, it seems we are destined today to cross our paths at the same time, you posting upon my own post while I went to visit here. LOL.. Now thats when I say the Universe is working on us in synchronisity LOL
    Much love and thank you for your Comment, I have to now ready for work…
    Blessings Sue xox


  6. renatembell says:

    Beautiful poem! Thank you for the link to the wonderful article. I shared it on my business Fan page on Facebook. So appropriate for the transits, for the Year of the Black Water Snake 2013 (Chinese astrology), and for anyone digging deeply into the connection between matter and spirit.
    Back in 2004, I believe it was, I had the opportunity to meet Masaru Emoto. He is a very gentle, quiet, and friendly man, and his presentation of his research with ice crystals and vibration was fascinating. I particularly remember how soft his hand was when I held it, and him calling me Renate-ji. Appreciate the inspired memories.


    • I am glad you liked the article. It is interesting how both western and eastern astrology see 2013 as the year of water.
      How incredible for you to have met Masaru Emoto. Maybe his Ascendant is in Pisces like yours, who knows.


  7. So beautiful. Immersion in water heals all my ills and woes. I love the water and I love being in it. I love looking at it, hearing it, tasting it and touching it. I love the water.


  8. Little Brownette Bird says:

    I think we’re on a bit of a poetic-science wavelength. I had my own (much-needed) encounter with it a few hours ago: A physicist at your funeral


    • Thank you for sharing. I believe that one day poetry and science will be on the same wavelength.
      I am really sorry for your loss.


      • Little Brownette Bird says:

        Thank you. It gets better, slowly, but everything familiar still feels like it has sharp edges. That’s why I bailed on the other blog, as you may have guessed. I was in no condition to explain then.

        I suspect scientific language will keep its place in my poetry once the drive to write returns (I hope); I’ve always felt the pull to put something in the other half of the science-and-poetry balance.

        I credit living by the water with a lot of our healing to this point. Just being able to look out over it makes everything a little better for a while, even though it’s the ocean that John loved and that reminds me of him every moment.


      • It is good to have you back. I hope time and water will do the healing.


  9. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words says:

    as I read each, I reached for a glass of water…
    I have my own well over the Trinity aquifer ….no additives….
    the article was a treat to read and the poem
    *sigh* flowed with fluid emotions….
    Thank you for sharing such wonderful posts..
    I would like to reblog on mine tomorrow if you don’t mind….
    each piece of writing needs to be shared…
    Have a wonderful day!
    Take Care…


    • Thank you, Maryrose. I also noticed I drink a lot more water nowadays. Tap water here is Switzerland is said to be very clean but I also investigated which bottled water works best for me. I would be happy of course if you shared my writing. Love, Monika


  10. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words says:

    Reblogged this on ladybluerose and commented:
    water….the source of life on earth
    a wonderful 2 part journey of water from SymbolReader
    I hope you will take time to enjoy the words she shares
    Take Care…


  11. willowmarie says:

    loved reading this- reminded me how close science & the sacred really are.


  12. A charming verse filled with truths and imagery; scientists are dreamers too!
    thank you for presenting this excellent poem


  13. eightdecades says:

    The greatest writing is that which says what we already believe but don’t know how to express.
    Science is only a footprint made by a wish that has already traveled across the heart of humanity. We build a language of factual understanding to try and explain what we cannot emotionally express. Art and science are the same thing written by different minds.
    Very nice posting you did, and very well received it seems. Thanks


  14. shreejacob says:

    Loved the poem….it describes us so well too 🙂


  15. MartsArts Poetrypictures says:

    Nice poem indeed. Interesting that Goethe accentuated the ungoging movement of the water and so of the -collective- soul.
    For me this is one aspect and not the first I would think of. For me the aspect of universal presence of water and the big tranquil unity of it or more important aspects of the human soul. The drip being the ocean, the ocean thats in the drip.
    Have to think about this ‘panta rhei’ qualities and my ideas. Maybe they change 🙂


  16. Oh my, where to start?! I am not back yet, but I cannot wait to dive back in. Too be continued……


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