The Five most important lessons my art teacher shared with me . . .

Please take your time to read this wonderful post. It is full of wisdom in regards to the process of creation, no matter which medium you use. Read it if you are looking to create value in your life.


My-first-painting My First Painting

8″x10″ Oil on canvas board, 1954

Heads up – this is a 2100 word posting (longer than my average). My editor suggested breaking it into five short postings, but I couldn’t figure how to make the story flow so I put up the whole thing.  I would appreciate any comments to the article, both about length and content, or if this type posting is worth your reading time.

1-Paint on purpose

She was old and frail and beautiful.  She was fussy and gentle, regal and talented.  Even though she was frail she was magnificently strong in being there.  I was eleven years old and barely 5 feet tall and she was only an inch taller; she assured me she used to be tall and I would be one day (I’m still waiting).  She was Mrs. R, my first and only real art instructor.

Born in the late…

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7 Responses to The Five most important lessons my art teacher shared with me . . .

  1. Thank you for sharing as an armature artist I enjoyed the read 🙂
    Have a peaceful Sunday Monika…. Love Sue xox


  2. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words says:

    I have been in awe of the “Story Doors” for a while now…
    he is a wonderful spirit and a gifted artist
    that paints with different mediums as well as words of wisdom…
    Thank you for sharing his beautiful art
    take Care…You Matter…


  3. Will do Monika. Thanks for sharing.


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