“Desire” by Boleslaw Lesmian


Henri Rousseau, “Snake Charmer”

“I’d like to have a hut in the wild forest density,
Made of firewood and a spatial scarcity,
Hanged high among old branch pinions,
Over jaguar caves and snake canyons.
There, on moss, swung with a mad storm,
I’d like to play with a maid, strange and warm.
Eat her breast, torn apart with my teeth,
And kiss her face, given as a feast.
Hear the storm, around my sinful indulge;
A thunderbolt dying noiselessly at large,
Roaring beasts our bodies-smell-attracted,
Ruptured bodies, elevated, in the spasm contracted.
And there, through an accidental among branches hole,
I’d like to look into the night and stars that glow.
And take for god – any brightness in the sky.
And on the girl’s bosom wait-over the night.
But welcome sun, with a howl, screams and cries.
Live blindfold, not knowing the life.
And laughing boldly at the sky one night,
Not knowing redemption or prayer nor fright,
Like a fruit which devouring jaw awaits,
Fall into death darkness with rumbles and yells!”

translated by Marek Urban, via http://www.poemhunter.com/best-poems/marek-urban/desire-by-boleslaw-lesmian-translated-by-marek-urban

Although Leśmian, born in 1877, is my most cherished Polish poet, I have not included any of his poetry on my blog so far, simply because I do not own his poems in English. His poetry was visionary and richly symbolic, containing folk and grotesque elements, and at the same time sensual, fleshy and very erotic. His poems were full of words that he himself invented, and which later entered the Polish language. When read aloud, his verses have a direct, trance like effect on me, as if I was listening to a chanting of some primordial sounds.


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11 Responses to “Desire” by Boleslaw Lesmian

  1. Great Rousseau canvas.


  2. Marie Taylor says:

    the picture is a good accompaniment to the poem.


  3. I advise that the actual crazy Polish government reads loudly this poem to fall in trance for the next 4 years, this would be very poetical.

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  4. Soul Fields says:

    I´m in trance, too. Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. 1weaver says:

    he channels the ‘the green man’. i imagine his path crossing BML and wonder at how they might get on. (ok, i am in a weird mood this morning, i suppose 🙂 )

    Liked by 1 person

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