Krishnamurti on Strength

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Strength, tarot revisioned by Leigh J. McCloskey, via

“Everyone in the world is concerned with the search for that Truth which will satisfy him eternally, but in that search each one contends against another; and hence there is confusion, struggle and pain. They lack the certainty of purpose which will determine their course through life and so rely on another for their comfort, well-being, and understanding.

Because they admit that they are weak, because they maintain that they cannot stand without the support of another, they have been given crutches that will support them momentarily, instead of developing their own strength to go forward in search of the pure waters of Truth.

If you would find that Truth you must put aside all those things upon which you have leaned for support and look within for that everlasting spring. It cannot be brought to you through any outward channel.

In search of the Truth that shall sustain, uphold, and guide you, you have looked outwards and sought for it objectively, and thus have been lost in the shadows of manifestation. To find that spring of Truth you must look within, you must purify your heart and mind.

You say to me, ‘You are different; you have attained, and because you have attained, these comforts are unnecessary for you.’ No, friend, because you desire to attain, these things are unnecessary for you. Because I have leaned on crutches to support me, I know the uselessness of crutches. When you have passed along a dangerous narrow path, and you have often slipped, and had to climb again, surely you would say to your fellow travelers, ‘Beware of these things, do not walk on the edge, walk rather in the middle, keeping your balance, and do not be led away, so that you fall over the precipice.’

Because I know that your comforts only weaken you, I tell you to throw them away. Because I have been entangled in complexities, because I have been held in bondage, I urge you to escape into freedom. Because I have found a simple and direct path, I would tell you of it. If I had relied for my happiness on others, if I had been caught up in grandiloquent phrases, or in the worship of images, or persons, in the shadows of temples, I should not have found that Truth which I sought. Not in the worship of externals do you find the spring of Truth, but in the adoration of Truth itself.

Because you imagine that without all these complications of beliefs and systematized thoughts which are called religions, you cannot find Truth, that very thought is preventing you from finding it. If you would climb to a great height, if you would go far, you do not carry on your shoulders great burdens. In like manner, if you would attain liberation you do not cling to the burdens which you have accumulated throughout the ages. You must put aside those things which you have gained and reach out for further understanding.

In search of the waters that shall quench your thirst, if you are wise, you will not act in haste. Through haste you find nothing. By patient understanding, by careful watching that you may not be caught up in things that are trivial, non-essential, you find that which you seek. It is difficult for you to realize that your own understanding dwells within, that your happiness lies within yourself, because you have been accustomed to look to objective things for your understanding and your Truth.

Invite doubt; for doubt is as a precious ointment: though it burns, it shall heal greatly and by inviting doubt, by putting aside those things which you have understood, by transcending your acquirements, your understanding, you will find the Truth.”

From “Life in Freedom”


Strength, Visconti di Modrone tarot (15th century)

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15 Responses to Krishnamurti on Strength

  1. litebeing says:

    So appropriate for 8-8-16. Also adore the painting. 🙂

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  2. herongrace says:

    Thank-you Monika. I love the Visconti Strength and the gold leaf. isn’t that snake a Naga?
    I think that Truth is a goal post that keeps moving in the shifting desert sands somewhere.
    I had a wonderful Leo weekend away at a fest doing readings and absorbing symbols differently.
    Received a beautiful triangular carved bone of Horus with a lapis eye, and swapped ancient stories and symbols with a Maori record keeper!
    My only Truth is to become a better surfer and sharpen my psychic nose.

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    • I think it is a Naga. I love the Visconti tarot images – they really speak to me. I think Strength is a gentle card but very focused.
      Your weekend sounds great!

      Thank you,



  3. Leeby Geeby says:

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful teaching. Krishnamurtri always gets so eloquently to the heart of the matter.

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  6. To find that spring of Truth you must look within, you must purify your heart and mind. Wise words from a master of LIFE

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  7. will says:

    At 13- I read Ks notebook -charmed I obsorbed the books and hardened with my brother in laws deep confronting awareness made it my goal to attain freedom.
    At 22 thoughtless awareness eagerly grew. Weeks past and (I) held on. Suddenly while hanging out my washing the observer (me) started disassembling. I realised I was dying. I fought with fright and survived. I am 51.

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    • Thank you for your comment. I must say there is hardly any writing that I have come across in my life that has such power as his. As Kafka famously wrote, “a book must be the axe for the frozen sea within us.” Krishnamurti did this for me.


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