Thoughts on Harmony on the Equinox


It was incredibly lucky that around the time of the Autumn Equinox I got to make a trip to Emma Kunz Centre, where this nineteenth-century-born Swiss healer and painter lived and worked. Quiet and secluded, it was an ideal place to reflect on balance and its role in healing. A collection of her artwork oozed tranquility. It was beneficial to focus on single pieces and let them work through the mind and the body. Each of them was a remarkable feat of balance. Emma Kunz believed that healing was tantamount to activating the powers that lie dormant in everyone. She described her work as “design and shape as dimension, rhythm, symbol and transformation of numbers and concepts.” (“Gestaltung und Form als Mass, Rhythmus, Symbol und Wandlung von Zahl und Prinzip”). She used the pictures, which she completed in non-stop creative phases, when she would not eat or sleep, not only for healing but also to answer numerous esoteric questions her restless mercurial mind (she was a Gemini) produced every day. She preferred to refer to herself as a researcher rather than a healer.

The Centre is located in the old Roman quarry in Würenlos. There Emma Kunz discovered rock which she believed to have healing powers. She called it Aion A, the Greek word for age and eternity. For Plato, Aion was the eternal world of ideas – the true reality behind the manifest world of illusion. In the middle of the complex stands a magnificent stone cave. Emma Kunz claimed that the place had enormous harmonizing and balancing powers.

As I stood there, I had a feeling, banal perhaps, that, despite all the chaos in the world, harmony is the natural state of being. Two quotes capture that fleeting understanding:

“To have inner harmony is to be in accord with the eternal, and to be in accord with the eternal is to be enlightened.”

Lao Tsy

“Although the opposites flee from one another, they nevertheless strive for balance, since a state of conflict is too inimical to life to be endured indefinitely.”

C.G. Jung, “Mysterium Coniunctionis”








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18 Responses to Thoughts on Harmony on the Equinox

  1. litebeing says:

    Thanks for this piece Monika. The sumptuous art and quotes are inspirational during this cosmic roller coaster ride we are on. The work reminds me of Spirographs, a childhood art kit.

    love and Happy Equinox,

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  2. Danah Blanco (Nataraj Express) says:

    Ah thank you so much Monika. You have no idea what Synchronicity this means for me right now.

    Much love,


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  3. Leeby Geeby says:

    Fantastic muse. She sounds like a fascinating person. Thanks for sharing!

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  4. Fascinating, this is the first I have heard of Emma Kunz. I am intrigued.

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  5. ambfoxx says:

    Thanks for sharing this. I’d never heard of her either, and the art and ideas are wonderful.

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  6. Dewin Nefol says:

    Hey Monika,

    Most enjoyed Monika thank you. A Lady I have heard little about. I must be honest and suggest that personally I find her art-work sterile and clinical…so perfectly balanced between arcs, circles and linear lines there is no room to breath or be interpretative. I am a great believer in reductionism, but one must leave room for the many colours of one’s personality to light up the canvas.

    Whilst a fascinating, devotional and humble lady, I can’t help but sense a degree of isolation, withdrawal, and loneliness within her. Perhaps I am far from the mark, and she was very different in life to the legacy she leaves in her art.

    I’d be interested to know your thoughts on her art-work, and if you agree with my perspective?

    Hoping all is well. Take care.

    Namaste 🙂


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    • Hi Dewin,

      You know how I always try to research my subjects but this time I was not driven to read any books about her life (maybe because they are all in German ;)) But from what I gathered she was always surrounded by people, the followers, the ones whom she healed, etc. She seemed to have possessed a genuine gift of healing. Whether she felt lonely, I cannot tell. I think she could be likened to the High Priestess.

      Funny thing is that before visiting the Centre I had had a look at her art and had exactly the same reaction as you. And I thought I would just go anyway though my expectations were low. But believe me the pictures have some amazing energy about them when you stand close. I had to acknowledge that they were very quite powerful.

      My best


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  7. Thanks for the introduction to this lady and her art, Monika.She looks so Otherworldly. A true denizen of the 12th House, I think.

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  8. Dewin Nefol says:

    Hey Monika, Namaste 🙂

    Perhaps you are right, astute as ever, and it is the proximity to her work, closeness to her essence if you will, which lives on within her art as a constant resonance for those with hearts to see. Visually she has a very contented and peaceful countenance: her smile suggests at inner happiness. Her gaze is to the left, slightly upwards, her right eye shines slightly differently to her left: her right eye holds an almost beatific gaze, her left eye seems so fierce, so direct, so penetrative. I find her a little ambiguous to determine, but I feel confident in trusting her: perhaps it is her sense of inner strength married to the calmness and serenity in her overall demeanour. Yes I can appreciate why you mention The High Priestess. I wonder with which eye she would gaze her art and determine its meaning?

    Somehow I find your sense of spontaneity, your pursuit of curiosity quite a charming aspect of your enjoyment of her work and no doubt the visit itself if not also the day out…a time for idle interest to weave a web of thoughts and satisfy a fleeting whim, and knowing you Monika the experience carried you away on mindful streams of silver glittering. Where did those thoughts take you I wonder?

    In returning to reply, I have another chance to peruse her work presented here. I am in admiration of her technical capability – the work is flawless – and I do enjoy the aesthetic but I still struggle a little to go beyond what first captivates my eye. Perhaps I am naïve to her meaning: she sits on a cloud far higher than mine to paint!

    Thank you for an interesting article. It has also left me curious to understand a little more about spiritual healing. Her healing ability fascinates me and I wonder if you were able to discover anything about her working methods?

    Thank you for your best wishes, they are entirely reciprocated, have a wonderful week!

    God Bless. Namaste 🙂


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    • All I know about her methods is that she uses a pendulum, her paintings and that stone she discovered in the quarry. But how exactly she did it I have no idea. When I was there (Saturday) the stone cave was full of tourists hugging walls and generally acting very devotionally. That is not such a usual sight here – people manifesting their spirituality openly.

      I appreciate your musings on her photo. Gentle and fierce at the same time.

      Thank you!



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