Winter Solstice

“We begin at the southern gate, crowned with the majesty of Christmas. There the Sun enters upon its northward journey — a journey which has been described by seers and poets in beautiful symbolism, for it brings to men, and to all that lives, the great hope of rebirth and self-renewal…. The sun lies low in the southern skies; but the miracle of winter light as it caresses the hills white with silence and with peace is hardly to be described. Only those who have lived where pale skies pour molten white gold over horizons glistening white under the robe of the snow can know the magic of a light reflected by an earth so pure that it actually seems the source of light drenching a darker sky.”

Dane Rudhyar, “New Mansions for New Men”

Stanislaw Wyspianski, “View of Kosciuszko Mount from a Window in the Artist’s Studio”

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5 Responses to Winter Solstice

  1. herongrace says:

    Summer solstice here in Australia, hot and the cicadas are noisy with crescendo waves of chorus.
    Lovely painting of the highest Australian mountain. I haven’t been there .Named by the Polish explorer Strezelecki who climbed it, after a famous Polish General prominent in the American Civil War! Strezelecki explored much of Australia.

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    • Hi, I actually thought about Australia while posting this. We do only experience our half of the magnificent wholeness.
      The painting is of a little mount in my native Krakow but it is good to remember that this humble hill has a big sister in the other side of the world.
      Best solstice wishes


  2. Jeff Japp says:

    Thanks Monika, and may you have a blessed Solstice.

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