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“The Message of Mr Cogito” by Zbigniew Herbert

“Go where those others went to the dark boundary for the golden fleece of nothingness your last prize go upright among those who are on their knees among those with their backs turned and those toppled in the dust you … Continue reading

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Will We Be Saved Each One Alone?

Mara, Lord of Death and Desire holding a Wheel of Reincarnation I have written before how much I love the TV show “Lost.” I have just finished watching it all over again and I must say the final episode of … Continue reading

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Nike Who Hesitates

Titanic Engineers’ Memorial, Southampton, featuring Goddess Nike Nike of Warsaw, monument to Polish war heroes I love poetry because in a few verses it is able to condense more meaning than a long essay and usually does so more beautifully. … Continue reading

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Why We Write

A Ballad That We Do Not Perish, by Zbigniew Herbert Those who sailed at dawn but will never return left their trace on a wave– a shell fell to the bottom of the sea beautiful as lips turned to stone … Continue reading

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The Knight’s Feet in Soft Slippers

Keanu Reeves, seems perfect to have played Hamlet Hamlet is such a famous and celebrated play that it was dubbed a ‘collection of quotes.’ Who has not heard: “This above all: to thine own self be true,” or “There is … Continue reading

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