Posts in Threes (2). Where Eternity Closes Its Eyes

spaceout cover 13140416-md

Glory Window, Thanksgiving Square Chapel in Dallas, Texas

I have seen three blog posts in the last week that seem to touch on the same phenomenon or which seem to have sprung from the same source of wisdom.

The first post, informed by the wisdom of the Upanishads, looks at the whole spectrum of speed in the universe between inertia and the speed of life. The manifested world moves frantically, there is constant flurry of activity, but in the centre of the spiral there is stillness, no movement. I found it interesting to read in Cirlot’s Dictionary of Symbols that in Egyptian hieroglyphs the spiral refers to cosmic forms in motion and the “relationship between unity and multiplicity.”

The second post is a wonderful poem, in which the reader gets transported into the eye of the hurricane, where the wisdom of the Upanishads sits.

And finally the third one brings in the Taoist perspective, looking at the spiral again; and at the inner space, the space between lines, the intangible out of which the tangible arises.

Post 1.

Post 2.

Post 3.

As a bonus, being really obsessed with spiral staircases, I have discovered this great article with 101 dizzying spiral staircase images:

101 dizzying spiral staircases

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19 Responses to Posts in Threes (2). Where Eternity Closes Its Eyes

  1. renatembell says:

    Wonderful posts you’ve pointed out. Appreciate the share. The Dallas chapel’s staircase is a favorite of the bunch. The colors and the lighting effect are gorgeous.
    I stumbled upon this website (you may have already seen it). The activity books look like fun!


    • I still need to educate myself in sacred geometry, but I have such an unscientific, non-linear mind that the very word geometry makes me shudder. 😉 But thank you for the link.


  2. aaremo says:

    Fascinating, I’ve always been intrigued by the spiral…I’m convinced that life itself in many ways functions as a spiral. Thanks for linking to my post! Just away to have a look at the other two 🙂 It’s amazing when the same message keeps presenting itself to you in a short space of time. Synchronicity at its finest! It’s usually for a reason, too!


    • I am also fascinated by the spiral. The other two posts are related to Indian spirituality rather than taoism. They are wilder than your balanced taoist presentation, and I think they show the fascination with the multitude of forms and passions of the manifested reality.


      • aaremo says:

        Hehe I like wild. In spite of writing extensively about the Tao just now my main focus spiritually is actually vedanta and the upanishads/gita, which just amazes me in so many ways 🙂


      • I need to get more into that as well. I remember seeing the Mahabharata (Peter Brook’s) as a teenager and being blown away by it.


      • aaremo says:

        Wow I’d quite like to see that! I got a copy of the Bhagavad Gita when I was about 20 and I kind of got bits of it, but other bits I didn’t get (“it’s encouraging WAR? WTF?” lol). It wasn’t until last year, I did a week long web seminar with my vedanta teacher James Swartz on the Gita…he took every chapter and unfolded the teaching in detail. It’s incredibly profound and beautiful, and deeply insightful. It has not just a depth of spiritual wisdom but also a very advanced and practical psychology that kind of puts western psychology to shame a bit (although to be fair, western psychology is in its infancy in comparison, having started just over 100 or so years ago – the Gita is thousands of years old. Which is quite humbling). I’ve gone back over it again and again since and get more out of it each time 🙂


      • Sounds fascinating, lucky you!
        Here is a link to Mahabharata trailer:


      • aaremo says:

        thanks! I’m definitely gonna check this out 🙂


  3. Yaz says:

    This is interesting. To add to this, the spiral also represents the in-breath and the out-breath of God, the manifesting and the return to the source. We, as God are the absolute stillness when we are not on the out- or in-breath.


  4. I’m flattered that you used my line, “Where eternity closes its eyes,” as part of your heading! Thanks for re-posting my poem!


  5. renatembell says:

    Came across this image and immediately thought of you.


  6. Beautiful Image! and yes the Spiral of life is forever spinning us faster… we are all within its loop!… Wishing you a wonderful weekend and long may you continue your own journey in the matrix of life as you weave your own knowledge into its web…
    love and Light
    Sue x


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