The Secret Speech of the Soul


Blendon Reed Campbell, Dancing Nymphs


The language of myth is still, as ever, the secret speech of the inarticulate human soul; and if one has learned to listen to this speech with the heart, then it is not surprising that Aeschylos and Plato and Heraclitus are eternal voices and not merely relics of a bygone and primitive era. Perhaps it is now more than ever important to hear these poetic visions of the orderly nature of the universe, because we have grown so dangerously far from them. The mythic perception of the universe governed by immutable moral as well as physical law is alive and well in the unconscious…
Liz Greene, The Astrology of Fate

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20 Responses to The Secret Speech of the Soul

  1. Michael J. Gargano says:

    Monika, I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! Congrats! You deserve this honor. For the rules and backstory see Once again, Congrats on your fine blogging skills! Peace, Mike 🙂


    • Thank you, Michael, I will have to consider this carefully because I have been declining any nominations so far… I just do not feel worthy and also acceptance speeches are so far away from my nature. Sweet of you anyway.
      With gratitude,


  2. A great quote. And I take it as a call-out.

    It just occurred to me that the Jews and Christians had the scriptures as a guiding authority. The Law and the Prophets set the guidelines for judging thought, as grounded and reliable, or of other gods, and anathema.

    For many, me included, there is no authoritative holy book, only wise books. But the archetypes, and symbols seem to be a guiding presence through-out inspired literature, and seem trustworthy as a key to the degree of truth-telling in literature, or art, or even a life, I am finding.

    It is a large and confusing area for me, as I am just becoming interested.

    ty Monica, Jim


    • I feel that very holy book contains essentially the same truths. I always look for these truths.
      Liz Greene, the author of the book from which I quote, has been one of the greatest inspirations for me when it comes to myth.


      • Yes, I should have mentioned that the presence of myth makes the bible palpable, to me. And I’ll look into Liz’s writings. I am open to suggestions of introductory books, or surveys of the categories. You know–get a better “lay of the land”.


      • I will have to think what to recommend because she may not be so good to start with as she is an astrologer and writes mainly about astrology.


      • Ahhh yes. You know I have softened there, but all in time. Thank you in advance for any precious minutes you spend, Monica. They won’t be wasted on me.

        Yours, Jim


      • I have one recommendation for you: Man and His Symbols by Carl Jung. Why not start with the greatest.


      • no doubt haha I was just thinking, jim, time to crack the man you only know theoretically for his work on personality. I’ll take this as a divine suggestion.
        😉 ty


  3. Aw. Too short! I was already leaning backwards ready to dive in! I notice that there are seven beings in the picture, only six nymphs. Does that have a meaning?


  4. subtly powerful post with lovely accompanying image!

    just wondering, besides Liz Greene, who I enjoy, could you suggest your fave symbolic astrology book authors ( excluding the obvious Jung) ?

    reading your posts has really peaked my interest in delving more into this genre.

    love, linda


  5. Don says:

    “The mythic perception of the universe governed by immutable moral as well as physical law is alive and well in the unconscious…” Numerous thinkers are saying that we are slowly liberating ourselves from mythic perceptions of the universe. I find this extremely difficult to accept. Humankind is mythic in its very essence. It thinks mythically and “evolving” myth is the very language of the soul, as Liz Greene says. Wonderful quote. Loved the comment by The Running Son on inspired literature.


  6. I believe our very survival depends on retaining mythic awareness/perception. Scientific materialism has not only led to tragic spiritual impoverishment, but the products of this exclusive reliance on physical data have brought us to the brink of madness and destruction. This isn’t to say that scientific truths are invalid. We have yet to find a way to resolve the contradictions that come with an embodied soul. But there are many (many of my friends included) who disbelieve in a soul. End of discussion?


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