Manifesto for Change


Vladimir Kush, Sunrise on the Beach

No matter if you accept astrology or not, you are probably feeling that the world as we know it is undergoing some radical changes. It is important to emphasise that planets are not causing these events but they correspond to them symbolically. I know a lot of people who do not read the symbolic language of astrology but they nevertheless live the truth and tell the truth of the inevitable global transformation.

I find this manifesto very well crafted and expressing my sentiments as well.

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20 Responses to Manifesto for Change

  1. The Uranus/Pluto square was exact yesterday afternoon. (Monday 5/20/13)


  2. of coarse you knew this…


  3. Are you familiar with Robert Hand ‘s book on transits?


  4. where is your Aires house?
    where is Mars?


    • it is in the ninth house and conjunct Jupiter at 18 degrees Aries. The way I see it it is a strong call to individuation. Also I have been getting lots of inspiration and a certain calling connected with the ninth house matters, my philosophical and spiritual orientation. My brain has been spinning in fact.
      Thanks for your time and comments!


  5. I remember a few months before Uranus entered Aries, Michael Lutin posted a cover image of a Tsunami on his site and within hours of actual transit, the Earthquake/Tsunami hit Japan. I am hopeful that this square will do more than invoke tragedy and calamity. The mid 60s was a cultural / political renaissance along with the upheavals.


    • I think this Renaissance is already happening and you are definitely part of it! I want to play a role in it as well, however small.


      • I am not sure what you mean regarding myself, but thanks.
        Perhaps I am not noticing the global renaissance in light of my mood.

        However, if it is activated, you surely are in the mix Monika! What a wonderful teacher you are, with Jupiter and Uranus assisting your trajectory and presence !


  6. SymbolReader, the perfect length and tone to settle hearts on the question. As you know I have had my own difficulties in this area so thanks again. I see several “in the know” commenting. 😉
    Thank you for reading the breezes for at least this one reader.



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