Posts in Pairs (3). Violence Against Women


Hypatia, mathematician, astronomer, philosopher, murdered by a Christian mob in Alexandria about 415 AD

I live in Switzerland, which was the last country in Europe to give women the  right to vote. Also the last witch was burnt here. I often wonder how symbolic it is.

I was shocked to read about Princess de Lamballe in the first article and equally shocked to read in the second one that these things are happening to this day.

Post 1.

Post 2.

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17 Responses to Posts in Pairs (3). Violence Against Women

  1. Criminalization of sorcery… Wow! Really, I think it’s just an alternative way to scapegoat, which Western nations do plenty. Did you catch the “war on women” that occurred during the US’ elections. It’s continued, but it gets less press. Anti-birth control, anti-abortion, and some heinous statements about rape. There’s been a lot of push back from feminists. Ultimately, I think it signifies a grave crisis for patriarchy; they’re losing…. which make me laugh. 🙂


  2. I am familiar with aca– Adult Children of Alcoholics, and related. I want to read the articles, maybe comment more Monica if you would allow 2 comments. A read, some rest…then I might have the clarity and wits for these two great links. Rich in information.


  3. I love Hypatia- I could see you writing something interesting about her. In my last astrology class, my teacher was talking about the upcoming grand water trine that will be happening this summer in conjunction with the pluto – uranus square (the point of Cancer hitting pluto – uranus will be filled by Jupiter, creating a grand water trine at the same time with Pisces Neptune and Scorpio Saturn) possibly involving a shift, dissolution, or release of energies associated with the burning times. I’ve felt that so many people I know are connected to the burning times, and feel I have been in contact with a number of souls who were burned or put to death for one reason or another, perhaps for being a “witch.” I feel in general this is a major issue of incarnation for many today. So if this is true, that this upcoming grand water trine could help wash away some of this past life trauma, it would be so amazing. I’m hoping for it.

    Thank you for drawing attention to this. I was just talking to my class yesterday about oppression and how women are still the targets of it, and some were wanting to argue with that idea. It still is the case, for sure, but hopefully we can start having a shift toward honoring the love,nurturing, strength, empathy, and receptivity of femininity in both women and men. all my best, Gray


    • I am also very strongly connected to the issues you mention, mainly via my 12.-house Venus. I did not have time today to write at length why I think women, especially clever women like witches or like Hypatia, have drawn so much rage. Also, why is the female body hated by the patriarchal order? Why are they so threatened by it? I also think the mutilation and destruction that they inflict on female bodies reflects their own fear of their own emotions, the dark chtonic goddess within the souls of us all, male and female.


    • Thanks for sharing that astrological bit of information. 🙂


  4. Wow…That certainly strikes me deeply. I have been hung and burned in many incarnations being accused of witchcraft or sorcery.


  5. Its always interesting to come back and read later comments. As always I take so much and understand so little. Thank you as always Monica for the exposure. It’s deep and thoughtful, a tone I absorb well in.


    • I sometimes think my main motivation for writing is to get comments…


      • I have taken that question more seriously than I like to admit. Do I write for others in part, or only for myself, or the pure exposure. For me the answer is clearly the first. To that extent I love the energy and conversation. People get so uptight about this issue. I like how you carry an idea out so long and deep. heh like seeing your conversations on other sites too. 😉 Blogging is fun. I’m glad I’m not the only one doing it. Hell, I’d just have a diary if discussions, and ideas weren’t a part. I mean, who is that solitary? (me..)



      • I agree with everything you wrote here. Thanks. 🙂
        Also, I wish I had more time to comment on other blogs, including yours. I do not live on the desert, unfortunately…


      • haha you live in God’s country from what I know of the area.


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