The Myriad Forms of Meaning


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The following is a beautiful excerpt from a book by Ray Grasse, The Waking Dream: Unlocking the Symbolic Language of Our Lives.

In mythological terms, the process of which the myriad forms of meaning unfold from their source in Spirit is poetically evoked through the image of the dismembered God who, like the Egyptian god Osiris is torn to pieces. Like light dividing into colors as it passes through a prism or notes synthesized from shapeless white noise, so within the realm of time and space, Spirit fractures into many parts. Each embodies facet of the divine nature, much like a particular color represents a single frequency of the entire spectrum. In a sense, the archetypes can be regarded as fragmented aspects of our own being.

All symbols stand in relationship to the ground of Spirit, or Self-conscious awareness. We might say that any archetype expresses a particular trajectory relative to the Divine… Hence, while the entire range of archetypes could be called “spiritual” because they are rooted in the divine Source, the central archetype represents spirit at its purest or most concentrated. Spirit in the mystical sense can be thought of as awareness in undiluted form, in a state of complete and absolute attention upon an object or action or, in its undifferentiated state, on itself.

In religious terms, thus, the fountain from which all meaning flows is the fundamental I AM THAT I AM residing eternally radiant beneath all surface modifications of mind. With its roots deep in this luminous Source, consciousness is at its center eternally Self-aware, giving meaning to the world by forever reflecting upon itself. … In several esoteric traditions, the paradox of the Self reflecting upon its own nature was symbolized by the image of the serpent eating its own tail, called the ouroboros. The Self must forever eat of – meditate upon – the Self in order to sustain the Self. Through this act of Self-reflection, the Self not only regenerates its own existence, but all the existences of which it is aware.

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31 Responses to The Myriad Forms of Meaning

  1. Gypsy Lizardkilt says:

    That image is just breathtaking. I wonder how many things (in tune with these quotes) it would evoke for different people. For me it naturally evokes Kuan Yin.

  2. That last fact about the ouroboros just completed an understanding. forgot about all the other good stuff about green skin and seasons and Osiris, and about reflecting linear life experience, off into many facets or plains of color and expression.

    I know the author is a man named Ray, but the article had a graceful feminine touch, you think? The connection of the musical scale to the color spectrum was prompted for thought… lots of good things. And everybody else reads so peacefully. 😉 One day… me, tea, big smiles and equilibrious reads only.

    • I am glad you relate to the quote. Yes, the author writes very gracefully but more and more men are doing this nowadays, don’t you think? I would like to see more men express their inner goddess, softness and sensitivity.

      • Now that I understand in the right spirit what inner goddess means, Yes. We are afraid. On many levels, but my fave author suggests the balance of the filial, and I meditate now-a-days on the possibility that western man may be more openhearted to integration of playfulness and creativity, a door-way, the feminine through the filial as a “route less painful”. Think?

      • Jim, I am a bit lost in this comment. Who is your favourite author? What do you mean by route less painful?
        Me confused 🙂

      • Sorry Monica.. The author is Claudio Naranjo. The book is “The End of Patriarchy And the Dawning of a TriUne Society” The concept is of the tri-une man, masculine, feminine, child-like, with particular qualities represented by each part.

        My idea is, if a man was to take on childlike qualities first, it may be easier than a man asked to consider the feminine first, without the padding that play and childlike, open creativity may afford.

      • Aah, it is clear now. When I hear the end of patriarchy I am already overjoyed. I see what you mean and I like this concept of the tri-une man. Are you maybe going to write a post about this?

      • I am not qualified yet, but i may write several poems with the familial tri-une theme involved… in fact, I already have…below a few lines from a poem written 3 or 4 days ago. yes, I suppose I am still “in class” on this. Claudio’s book may be a worthwhile read, Monica. He is an extremely gentle soul (why I like him).

        and women. And child,
        the filial, only If left wildly assessing
        the triangle as verb:
        curves, motion, family–…”

      • Qualified? None of us is. But poems are appreciated, of course.

      • haha thanks Monica.

  3. Oh yeah and the picture is awesome. The spectrum makes sense placed like that, The woman both shoots light above, and drains, or cries it below. Like two qualities. thx so much Monica.

  4. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words says:

    I spent hours roaming Hal-price Books yesterday
    now I need to go back…I think I would like the book you quoted from…
    I enjoyed reading your thoughts here….each day ..this is the 5th in a row I have come across
    the symbol…ouroboros….I have found so many different walks that use it…
    Thank you for sharing…as usual I enjoyed very much
    Take Care…

    • Thank you very much. I had to smile when I saw your post yesterday because it was also about colors and the prism.
      About books, I read mostly on my kindle now but if I need to order something I usually do it from because they offer free worldwide delivery. This particular book is 50% off now:

      All my best to you,

      • LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words says:

        Thank you I will head there after my coffee…or maybe browse while I have it..
        though I could probably get in trouble on a book site..
        I do appreciate your sending the link…
        I think I will wander more here as I unfold my day….
        Thanks again..Have a wonderful day
        Take Care…

  5. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words says:

    Oh…and I also love that image….!
    Thanks for sharing it

  6. I always struggle with the concept of spirit, unless it’s a way of reading the corporeal, of creating time, like reading entrails — that I understand. But is that Spirit or Body? Leib or Körper? This may be a personal problem of mine…

  7. Delicious reading! Beautiful chakra picture. I noticed how much “I AM THAT” is like “OM TAT”.

    • Yes, I think they both correspond to Supreme Absolute Truth.
      I love this passage as well.
      Here is another quote that I did not include: “Each person’s life expresses a particular arrangement or musical scoring of divine qualities expressed through the archetypes of being. Our lives are thus the songs of dismembered gods, the harmonies of divine energies in proportional relations to one another.”

      • Nice! I will keep in mind this book. (Which means I will seek for an online version as soon as I finish this reply.) I did archetype work two years ago (not that it ever ends), which was about phases one has to pass through to become whole, and to be able to become a magician. (A fool’s journey through the archetypes. Interesting.) To re-member the gods is another layer. At least for me. I could not re-member without becoming more whole (healing) first. Who knew the tree of life was the tree of gods? What would happen if I connect the tree of life to the archetypes.Tarot? I guess I will find out soon enough. I reconnected with the first archetype: the fool. Oh my. No wonder it felt comfortable with the fool (alchemist)! I AM connecting the tree to the archetypes! Thanks for letting me babble a way to seeing that. 😀
        I know that I am re-membering as the music is becoming audible. Still soft and far away. But, at times loud enough. Oh, it is my own laughter!
        Time to retreat and digest this. Namaste. 🙂

      • Wow, I love your reflections! So rich. Thank you very much. Have a peaceful evening/day/night wherever you are 🙂

  8. Oh, and I did pick up on you adding SAT. Guess I AM not THAT overwhelmed by the connections. I was going to take a few days off to digest, but I guess I AM fine! 😀 😀

  9. You have been chosen to pick at least 2 awards from my award bouquet, visit the link for details 🙂

  10. This is so rich a quote. Thank you, Monika!

  11. This is such a rich except, Monika. Thank you!

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