The Beautiful Life Giving Power of the Sun

This is a beautiful article about the symbolism of the Sun that I have read recently.

journeys in the astral light

Dear friends, welcome back and today I have some more on the nature of the Sun to share with you. If you enjoy this sharing, please consider supporting further posts on Patreon.


“In all things, great and small, I see the Beauty of the Divine expression”.

 The Sun is a symbol of what is eternal, natural and essential in us; it shows what we are expressing of the Beauty of the Divine through the individualised radiation of consciousness. The influences that come from it permeate everything in our life and radiate through it. They are central to our existence and our consciousness.

Quite simply, the Sun is the most vital body in the solar system because it gives off the most energy and so it follows that it is the most vital body in our horoscopes too, the stellar nucleus of its energy source. The Sun is the central…

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