The Return of the Feminine and the World Soul


Part of the difficulty of understanding and describing the feminine is her very elusive nature, the veil that surround her, as well as our patriarchal repression and denial of her wisdom and power. Also the ancient feminine mysteries, her initiations and teachings, were never written down. She is not easily fixed and defined, but is mysterious in her continual movement and change. She belongs to the silvery light of the moon and its many reflections rather than the harsh glare of masculine sunshine and its rational constructs. She is more easily alluded to and hinted at, expressing the mystery and matrix of creation that is always a wonder rather than something to be explained.
Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, The Return of the Feminine and the World Soul

I am grateful to embark on reading this book, written by a Sufi teacher, who claims that feminine consciousness needs our attention in order to redeem our civilization and our world.


Susan Seddon Boulet, Skywatcher

“We need to return to the core of our being, to where the sacred  comes into existence. And the mystical feminine holds the key to this work of redemption and transformation.” (from the blurb)

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18 Responses to The Return of the Feminine and the World Soul

  1. Yes. Why do I have faith we will get a thorough report from you? (: Enjoy Monika.


  2. I saw him on Oprah. He’s a full time mystic. I am just part-time for now 🙂


  3. contoveros says:

    Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee turned me onto the Sufi in the book The Call and the Echo. I’ve been yearning for “My Beloved” ever since . . .


  4. Hey Mystic sister’s!


  5. I immediately thought that the feminine never left, only got (brutally) repressed. But, the text makes sense now that I realize that it was written by a man. Then it would be a return indeed.


  6. MartsArts Poetrypictures says:

    I’m very curious about what will happen the next 10, 20 years Monika, especially in Europe. Today my daughter of 21 took her bachelor degree in microbiology at Amsterdam university. First there is a 70/30 majority of girls there (changed from the opposite in few years). Second the young, bright women were so much better in their presetations than th man…
    But the few (‘angry’?) Young man still managed to ask 90 % of the so-called smart questions…
    But this will change too in th upcoming years I think. And than it becomes exiting what will happen with our cultures, styles of communication and cooperation and our socieatal straregies, once you seized power.
    I hope that in combination with the deepening ecinomical crises in Europe something fundamental will change in a new starting era!

    (Must think about changing my gender then ;))
    Kind regards, Mart,


    • Congratulations for your daughter’s success.
      I missed your comments I must admit.
      I do not know whether we can speak of female domination. I hope not. I hope for a union or balance. I hope both women and men can find themselves and adapt to the new times. There is definitely a lot of healing necessary.


      • MartsArts Poetrypictures says:

        Thanks speaks the proud father 🙂
        Yes, I was a bit busy with other things last weeks. Also summertime, so less behind the screens.
        I agree with your hope for balance, but no synthesis without antithesis as we know.


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