Above and Below


Full Moon in Venice, via https://www.behance.net/gallery/Full-Moon-in-Venice/11204365

“Andria was built so artfully that its every street follows a planet’s orbit, and the buildings and the places of community life repeat the order of the constellations and the position of the most luminous stars: Antares, Alpheratz, Capricorn, the Cepheids. The city’s calendar is so regulated that jobs and offices and ceremonies are arranged in a map corresponding to the firmament on that date: and thus the days on earth and the nights in the sky reflect each other.

Though it is painstakingly regimented, the city’s life flows calmly like the motion of the celestial bodies and it acquires the inevitability of phenomena not subject to human caprice. In praising Andria’s citizens for their productive industry and their spiritual ease, I was led to say: I can well understand how you, feeling yourselves part of an unchanging heaven, cogs in a meticulous clockwork, take care not to make the slightest change in your city and your habits. Andria is the only city I know where it is best to remain motionless in time.

They looked at one another dumbfounded. “But why? Whoever said such a thing?” And they led me to visit a suspended street recently opened over a bamboo grove, a shadow-theater under construction in the place of the municipal kennels, now moved to the pavilions of the former lazaretto, abolished when the last plague victims were cured, and–just inaugurated–a river port, a statue of Thales, a toboggan slide.

“And these innovations do not disturb your city’s astral rhythm?” I asked.

“Our city and the sky correspond so perfectly,” they answered, “that any change in Andria involves some novelty among the stars.” The astronomers, after each change takes place in Andria, peer into their telescopes and report a nova’s explosion, or a remote point in the firmament’s change of color from orange to yellow, the expansion of a nebula, the bending of a spiral of the Milky Way. Each change implies a sequence of other changes, in Andria as among the stars: the city and the sky never remain the same.

As for the character of Andria’s inhabitants, two virtues are worth mentioning: self-confidence and prudence. Convinced that every innovation in the city influences the sky’s pattern, before taking any decision they calculate the risks and advantages for themselves and for the city and for all worlds.”

passage from: “The Invisible Cities” by Italo Calvino – one of my favourite books, which is in fact a tribute to Venice.

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16 Responses to Above and Below

  1. Loved Venice. My wife and I visited there a few years ago. One of the world’s most unique cities.


  2. So very beautifully written.


  3. Don says:

    This is beautiful and masterfully written Monika. I love that phrase, “Our city and the sky correspond so perfectly,” they answered, “that any change in Andria involves some novelty among the stars.” – the Astral rhythm – another marvellous phrase. We’re looking into a possible trip to Venice next year. Your post has motivated me even more. 🙂


  4. This book sounds to be a fascinating read.. One can not imagine a city being built in alignment with the orbits of the stars.. And yet we have the pyramids built forming the Orion constellation.. As above so below….Giving so much evidence of our connection to the stars.. 🙂

    Wishing you a wonderful rest of the week Monika.. and much love your way.. 🙂 I hope you are enjoying Summer? xx


  5. Hi Monika,
    This is a beautiful passage, and I love the image you chose as well. I can easily see why it is one of your favorite books and why you resonate with its cosmic sentiments. I trust it goes without saying how much I resonate with this today: “As for the character of Andria’s inhabitants, two virtues are worth mentioning: self-confidence and prudence.”
    Thank you for being so magical,


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  7. Thanks, Monika. 🙂

    As Sue says, it does sound like a great read.


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