Grand Trine in Water – Memory of the Future, Part 1

There is so much I like about this post: its depth and clarity in rare equilibrium, the fact that it can be understood by astrological laypeople, the musings on time and memory, and some etymology as a cherry on top. The second part also makes a great reading:

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6 Responses to Grand Trine in Water – Memory of the Future, Part 1

  1. Hi Monika, thanks for the reblog. I enjoyed Part 1. It is wonderful to read your narrative on wordpress once again. r u still on vacation? I hope your time away has been restorative and fun.

    love, Linda


  2. Yaz says:

    Yes, good reblog. I really enjoyed it and was intrigued by the soul/spirit distinctions. Made me understand my husband and daughters inclinations a bit better.


  3. MartsArts Poetrypictures says:

    Not the right time to read your posts now, but nice you’re back in air 🙂
    Hope you had good walks and reads last week.
    Will read the posts later.


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