On Two Levels of Love


Dane Rudhyar

Dane Rudhyar, whose birthday we celebrate tomorrow, always inspired me with awe by his astrological writing which encompassed his vast knowledge of art, music, philosophy, myth and practically all forms of spirituality. The following excerpts come from his short article on “Two Levels of Love,” which you can read here in full. I think it captures the essence of our current astrological weather and can be enjoyed by both an astrologer and a lay person. He spoke the language of the soul, which is understood at a level deeper than any technical terms or obscure terminology. A large collection of his writing can be found here.

I encourage you to read this essay here:


Here are just a few quotes I loved:

“Love is that power which urges every form of existence to realize as yet unrealized potentialities of existence and, thus, to become more than it has been so far — or, at least, different.”


Jan Soens, “Rinaldo and Armida”

 “Venus has been traditionally known as the planet referring to love; but it is also the symbol of the organs which produce the male as well as the female seed-testicles and ovaries. Venus ‘rules’ over the feeling of love; Mars, over the activity of love and all that carries the seed to its destination. Venus is the rhythm of production of seeds; Mars, the rhythm of impregnation.”



Jan van Eyck, “Giovanni Arnolfini and His Bride”

“There is a love which does not accept being bound by the patterns of social-cultural normality and maturity; it is ever ready to accept the as-yet-unknown, with eyes and heart always open, always warm with the sense of wonder and the precious gift of humility and adoration. Such a love is at the very core of the symbolic meaning of Neptune. ”

“This love is an act of transfiguration, a flow of light, a song of tenderness; it is mother love as well as lover love, for it seeks to hold everything — and, of course, more particularly, the object upon which the love is then focused — in the vast openness of a consciousness for which every contact is, or tends to be, a dissolution of boundaries and an absolution for past fears, refusals or sins.”



Gustave Doré, “Jesus and the Woman of Samaria”


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7 Responses to On Two Levels of Love

  1. Love the evolution through the article. Also, the imagery gives its own pondering. With modern eyes and sense of self, the van Eyck painting leaves me wondering about the love experienced then and that which we might experience now.


  2. A wonderful post and Beautiful paintings to inspire.. Thank you for sharing this perspective


  3. It’s difficult to have a full understanding of astrology without reading Rudhyar. Your presentation exemplifies his grasp of this broad field. Great post, especially like selections chosen.


    • Eddie, I completely agree and thank you very much for your comment. There is so much poor astrological writing around that perhaps turning to Rudhyar’s writing again and studying it carefully is the wisest thing to do.

      2014-03-24 21:10 GMT+01:00 symbolreader :



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