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Neptune, Redemption and the Nature of Archetypes

“The longing for redemption is an ancient, strange and many-headed daimon, which dwells within even the most earthbound and prosaic of souls. Sometimes eloquent and sometimes mute, this daimon aspires toward some dimly sensed union with an all-seeing, all-loving, ineffable … Continue reading

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On Two Levels of Love

Dane Rudhyar Dane Rudhyar, whose birthday we celebrate tomorrow, always inspired me with awe by his astrological writing which encompassed his vast knowledge of art, music, philosophy, myth and practically all forms of spirituality. The following excerpts come from his … Continue reading

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The Secrets of the Odyssey (1)

Timanthes, “The Sacrifice of Iphigenia” (detail: Odysseus) Homer’s Odyssey has always held an extreme fascination with me. All the characters and what happens to them have been coming back to me recently, perhaps in connection with Mercury retrograde with Neptune. … Continue reading

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Crumbling Ruins and Underwater Palaces

My imagination has always been stirred by crumbling ruins and underwater palaces. Their symbolism is directly connected with the astrological Neptune, a planet which governs dissolution by water, getting lost in imagination, fantasy and reverie and being enchanted by inner … Continue reading

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Painted Script, Neptune and C.G. Jung

I stumbled upon Painted Script – The Art Work of James Tunney on FB today. Absolutely stunning, I think. I am always amazed that whenever my natal Neptune is activated by a transit, however minor it is, I am suddenly … Continue reading

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