“Okeanos is situated at the outermost limits of the world, which is encircled by its stream. The circular stream of the Okeanos flows eternally around the world and eternally recycles the infinite supply of fresh water that feeds upon itself … This mystical river Okeanos, surrounding not only the earth but even the seas surrounding the earth, defines the limits of the known world. Every evening, as the sun sets at sunset, it literally plunges into the fresh waters of this eternally self-recycling cosmic stream, and it is from these same fresh waters that the sun rises again every morning at sunrise.”

Gregory Nagy, “The Ancient Greek Hero in 24 Hours”


Image via http://www.francisweller.net/

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17 Responses to Okeanos

  1. Beautiful! I ❤ the element of water, it's my favorite! xox


  2. Thank you, Monika, for the beautiful imagery of this quote.
    Thank you for the connection of your brilliant spirit with the κλέος ἄφθιτον, the “imperishable fame” of our ancient legacy. This is undoubtedly an amazing book.
    Here on the sacred grounds of Hellas, standing on the top layer of the stratification of history, we are being led to perish again, this time with this inhuman financial war. The Ichor in our veins is too diluted for us to strike back and we have not been allowed to delve into our past and reconnect properly, but it is collectively encouraging that people like you are preserving this spirit, and personally so heart-warming for me.
    Thank you, divine sister.


    • It really is the book I am deeply engrossed in right now. I feel very saddened by the situation in Greece. It is symbolic of everything that is wrong in the world right now.
      Thank you, dear Leon.


  3. Evocative post Monika … Reminds me of the many beautiful hymns in RigVeda dedicated to the Waters of Life….my favorite being, “Soma has told me that within the waters are all cures.”


  4. (¯`✻´¯)


  5. Monika, your blog is simply priceless!


  6. Amy Campion says:

    I love these beautiful bite-sized snippets of poetry and wisdom – thank you for helping me find moments in an otherwise overly busy day to read, reflect and learn


  7. Thanks for an interesting read!


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