Painted Script, Neptune and C.G. Jung

I stumbled upon Painted Script – The Art Work of James Tunney on FB today. Absolutely stunning, I think.


I am always amazed that whenever my natal Neptune is activated by a transit, however minor it is, I am suddenly surrounded by Jung’s quotes and I feel drawn to reading and rereading his books.


C.G. Jung, the twinkle in his eye courtesy of his Ascendant in Aquarius

About that quote… Religion is the domain of the ninth house of the Zodiac, which squares the twelfth house of spirituality. Therefore it is very hard to be a member of a cult or organized religion and be deeply spiritual at the same time. In our times, people claim back their spirituality. The most important criterion of spirituality is direct experience of the divine (the twelfth-house matter) rather than faith that is not based on experience.

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