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Reading The Red Book (10)

“The good and the beautiful freeze to the ice of the absolute idea and the bad and hateful become mud puddles full of crazy life.” C.G. Jung, The Red Book (Liber Primus, chapter VIII) Chapter VIII of The Red Book (Liber Primus) … Continue reading

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“The Canticle of the Void” by Paul Murray

“Smaller than the small I am that still centre within you that needle’s eye through which all the threads of the universe are drawn. Perhaps you think you know me but you do not know me. Of everything that is, … Continue reading

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The One Divine Highway

I looked at the following aims and ideals of Self-Realization Fellowship as set forth by Paramahansa Yogananda, its founder, and realized how deeply I identify with all of them and how I have always wanted to make number 3 my … Continue reading

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Painted Script, Neptune and C.G. Jung

I stumbled upon Painted Script – The Art Work of James Tunney on FB today. Absolutely stunning, I think. I am always amazed that whenever my natal Neptune is activated by a transit, however minor it is, I am suddenly … Continue reading

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