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Museums: Bridging the Gap between the Visible and the Invisible

“The trucks and locomotives lined up in the railway museum carry neither freight not passengers. Nobody is slain by the swords, cannons and guns on display in the military museum, and not one single worker or peasant uses the utensils, … Continue reading

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Discovering Intellectual Fire: the Birth of English

The written word is both of the earth and of the spirit, positioned on the intersection between mind and flesh. It freezes the living, shimmering organism of language in time, petrifies it, making it immortal. The intangible, impenetrable roots of … Continue reading

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1 September

“About Troy“ by Zbigniew Herbert Troy O Troy an archeologist will sift your ashes through his fingers yet a fire occurred greater than that of the Iliad for seven strings– too few strings one needs a chorus a sea of … Continue reading

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